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Chances are your customers are spending a good deal of time with social media applications every day. Be part of their online experience by integrating social networking tools, a web site or a blog into your marketing plans. Use the internet and tools like Facebook and Twitter to inform your customers of your plans and events and enhance your relationship with them. Let us help you. It starts with understanding your business and helping you to see the potential for social interaction with your customers.

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11 First Sentences That Guarantee Your Email Won’t Get Results

Ever wonder why your business marketing or outreach emails fail to generate any real interest or engagement?   First impressions are so important, and people can have a sixth sense for avoiding marketing emails.  Are your opening thoughts or statements effective, or are they duds in some respect.  Jeff Haden, a contributing editor at Inc., helps you avoid the pitfalls of poorly crafted openers and first sentences.  And don’t miss the video at the end of the article with ‘4 Super Effective Email Subject Lines You Need To Try‘ to get on the right track, right away.  See it all here.

30 Awesome App Ideas for Your Small Business

Ritika Tiwari at Cloudwards has put together a comprehensive list of productivity and infrastructure support apps for small businesses.  These provide important and often business critical function that is much more economical to use as an app or service (many are free) than to manage in-house.  The suggestions are broken up into six categories, ranging from accounting to productivity, to collaboration, scheduling, and more.   If you want to make your small business run smoother and more efficiently take a few minutes and see what these experts have to say here.