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Chances are your customers are spending a good deal of time with social media applications every day. Be part of their online experience by integrating social networking tools, a web site or a blog into your marketing plans. Use the internet and tools like Facebook and Twitter to inform your customers of your plans and events and enhance your relationship with them. Let us help you. It starts with understanding your business and helping you to see the potential for social interaction with your customers.

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4 Simple Ways to Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Want to build a larger audience and brand awareness?  If you want to use mobile to build and expand your brand, then Instagram is a top tool to use.  And it can help direct visitors to your website and other online properties.  Susan Gilbert has a few great tips to help you make the best impact using Instagram.  See her tips here.

How 10 Top Internet Marketers Achieved Success

The folks at Linkody examined 10 very successful web entrepreneurs to gain insights on how they each achieved success.  They come from all types of markets, from blogging to financials to reselling, and in various cases learning from a failure was the springboard to their success.  You may just find an insight to help build your business.  Check out their stories here.