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Chances are your customers are spending a good deal of time with social media applications every day. Be part of their online experience by integrating social networking tools, a web site or a blog into your marketing plans. Use the internet and tools like Facebook and Twitter to inform your customers of your plans and events and enhance your relationship with them. Let us help you. It starts with understanding your business and helping you to see the potential for social interaction with your customers.

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6 Ways To Generate Revenue From Your Customer Service Department

Here are six tips, from a best practices survey by SiteJabber that will help you increase your brand success with your customers.  Whether you have had to deal with a bad online review, or just want to increase your stickiness with your best customers there are tips here to help your customer service team engage positively to grow your revenue.  See how here.

3 Tips To Grow Your Brand Using Facebook

Facebook is a great marketing platform and it has certainly evolved over the past few years.  Wade Harman of wadeharman.com reviews three proven strategies to optimize your reach, brand, and conversions using Facebook advertising.  Check it out it here.

Small Business Guide to Facebook Advertising (Infographic)

As a small business, you don’t need to spend loads of money on advertising. Interestingly, ninety-five percent of social media marketers say that Facebook gave them the best return on investment out of all the social platforms.  Headway Capital‘s new infographic provides small business owners an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan to set up and run your Facebook ad campaign. It provides a straightforward introduction to some of the website’s more specific requirements, and some handy advice on how to tweak for your particular business. Find the full infographic here.