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Chances are your customers are spending a good deal of time with social media applications every day. Be part of their online experience by integrating social networking tools, a web site or a blog into your marketing plans. Use the internet and tools like Facebook and Twitter to inform your customers of your plans and events and enhance your relationship with them. Let us help you. It starts with understanding your business and helping you to see the potential for social interaction with your customers.

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A Definitive Guide To Creating Killer Facebook Ads

I was contacted by the folks at insanegrowth.com regarding a rather extensive page they have on How To Advertise On Facebook: A Definitive Guide To Running Profitable Ads.  It is very well organized and includes a detailed six-step plan to help ensure your success.  Regardless of the size of your business, you will find something to help with your Facebook marketing plans.  And if you don’t have a Facebook marketing plan they provide an easy to follow model covering campaign types, audience targeting, metrics, ad testing, and scaling your marketing campaigns.   Do yourself a favor and take the time to check out their guide if you want to up your Facebook marketing game.

Free Instagram Training from Later

From the Instagram leaders at Later, here is a great way to kick off 2020, getting you up to speed with a wide variety of Instagram training resources – guides, videos, PDFs.  Covering marketing, content, planning, trends and more.  With Instagram stories templates and campaign kits.  And it’s all free!  Don’t wait to check it out here.

What about Pay Per Click in 2019? [Infographic]

Pay per click advertising is as old as the internet, but sometimes what is old is just what you need.  Find out the latest trends are, what works across industries and devices, and how PPC beats SEO in this content-rich infographic from the folks at Serpwatch.  If you want to be smart about how to increase your traffic and marketing programs check out their blog post here.