40 Twitter Tools for Use in Your Marketing Strategy

The folks at Hootsuite have been delivering the finest social media marketing and management tools for years.  They know an effective tool when they see one.  In this blog post, they highlight a number of first and third part tools worth your investigation.  From analytics to lead identification to competitive analysis and image manipulation, you will find new ways to make your twitter strategy more effective and save you time.  Find out more here.

50 Good Paying Work-From-Home Job Ideas

If you are looking to make a living, and a decent income while working from home, the type of opportunities today are broader and more rewarding than ever before.  Entrepreneur.com put a list of 50 interesting and viable alternatives across all manner of occupations.  You don’t need to specialize on the web to run a profitable home business.  Check out a wide selection of options here.

14 Personal Branding Tips for Aspiring Freelancers

If you are a freelancer or thinking about stepping out to freelance in today’s gig economy, check out this article from personalbrandingblog.com.   Fourteen very successful entrepreneurs share tips that helped set their brand apart and attract more business.  It’s a diverse collection of thoughts that should stimulate your thinking about to best engage your prospects and customers for maximum effectiveness.  Find 14 awesome tips here.