How to Get Your Customers to Leave Positive Reviews (And Why You Can’t Afford Not To)

When it comes to reviews of your business I am sure you spend more time responding to the customer dissatisfaction issues than to the positive notices.  You may be overlooking a real opportunity to understand your business if that is the case.  Since happy customers are foundational for success, Brian Greenberg shares a few thoughts on why it pays to better understand what your customers are thinking and how to elicit those important positive reviews.  Check out Brian’s insights here.

8 Easy Steps to a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Want to know how to build a solid social media strategy?  This blog post from Hootsuite is an easy to follow eight-step plan to create a winning social media strategy of your own.  From setting goals aligned to your business strategy, to understanding your audience and competition, and to scheduling and evaluating its effectiveness, it’s all right here.  And if you are looking for some inspiration, you will find it here as well. What are you waiting for?

15 Top Instagram Apps for iOS

If your business is interested in improving the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing, you need to find and use the best Instagram tools.  This post is a curation of the best Instagram for iOS apps across four essential categories: Photo editing and design, Video editing and design, Audience engagement, and Analytics and data.  Most are free and the other few are cheap.  It pays to know what the experts suggest, so take a look at the 15 top Instagram Apps for iOS.