4 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Following in 2019

Instagram just keeps getting bigger in terms of users (over 500 million use it daily) and features such as posts, stories, video (IGTV).  While this makes for more a wider audience it also makes it challenging to be recognized and followed.    Matt Smith shares 4 basic tenants for developing an authentic and successful Instagram account.   He has included links to a number of high-quality Instagram accounts that illustrate each of his points.   If you want to maximize your reach and your revenue you should take a few minutes to understand how these new tools, techniques and trends can help your marketing.  Find his insights here.

The 10 Best Instagram Tools for 2019

As Andrew Medal tells us, Instagram reported over 1 billion monthly active users last year.  It currently is the most direct and vital option to position product and services.   To get up to speed on Instagrams most engaging features (video, live video, stories, IGTV, etc..) check out this features rundown on Sprout Social.  And check out Andrews list of the best Instagram of the tools for obtaining insights, driving results and leveraging Instagram in 2019.

How to Run a Successful Cross-Platform Social Media Campaign

If you are only using one or two social media platforms you are missing an opportunity to make new customers and engage existing ones.  Facebook is massive, but Instagram is the hottest social network going.  And who hasn’t read a tweet recently?  Each social platform offers advantages in terms of demographics, marketing opportunities, and the ability to present products to influence purchasing decisions or even tools to order and purchase (a shoppable post).  Hootsuite is the leading industry expert at providing the tools to manage all your social media in one place.   Even if you don’t have the staff or the budget to explore their toolset, take a look at this excellent tip sheet for managing a campaign across the four key social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.