How to Know if Your Facebook Ad Is Successful

If you want to grow your customer base using Facebook ads (and why wouldn’t you?) you don’t want to just throw money against the wall and see what sticks. Have a plan and understand what your metrics for success are! Techniques like tripwires and data analysis are not rocket science. If you want to have the highest return, know your numbers, and Emily Hirsh tells you what they are.  Find her guidance here.

5 Proven Ways to Get More Customer Reviews On Google and Facebook

You don’t have to spend a lot to keep your company’s social media presence up.  And with help from Facebook and Google, keeping your reputation up to snuff has become easier.  Currently, there is a big focus on reputation management by these two big players.  If you want to be noticed you will need good reviews.  And getting good reviews for a good company of any size just takes some focus, a simple strategy, and a bit of your time.  Checkout out these quality tips from strategist Eric Christopher, and his recommended automation tools to improve your results.